This work will allow to showcase the most interesting results of the project in an artis tic scenario. The artist will imagine a variety of different configurations at the crossroad of material and HCI fields. She will benefit from her knowledge in science and especially the use of responsive materials in art and design to try original configurations of systems. She will then select the devices that are the most interesting in terms of aesthetics, effectiveness and emotional impact. “HCI Courtship Display” will be an experimental artwork. New interactions modalities will be tested with oneself-become-interface. The elaborate display of the birds of paradise courtship rituals will be the starting point of this artwork. Their flamboyant plumage through colors and movements of prominent feathers, skin sacs, or body shape will inspire the artwork . For example, a powerful effect can be achieved if each of SecondSkin’s “hairs” ends with a long and large feather, black on one side and colorful on the other side. The change in hairs orienta tion, gradual or sudden, will produce a par ticularly strong visual effect. SecondSkin will allow crea ting biomimetic metamorphosis and poetic morphologies in relation with the wearer’s identity and emotions. This artwork will question the transformation of our social modes of encounter. It imagines with humor what could be a technoscientific way of making elaborate courtship displays, much richer and eloquent than just swiping right to “like”/“reject” a person, looking at a picture on the Tinder app to choose suitors.